Viviendas sociales, relevancia regional

Solar Decathlon

The Solar Decathlon is the most important biannual university contest, focused on the construction of sustainable housing. This year it holds its first version in Latin America, challenging 16 university groups in the creation of innovative solutions applied to social housing. These housing prototypes should be adaptable to tropical climatic conditions.


  • Revolutionary model in Urban Sustainability for low income communities.

  • Adaptation around three main thematic principles to develop 10 contests of social housing density and efficient use of natural resources.

  • Model adjustable to the tropic conditions.

  • Construction of the first Urban Lab.

  • Award the students with the possibility to develop a sustainable community in cali based on their prototype.


Evaluate Space efficiency and appropriate materials according to bioclimatic strategies implemented , designed on the future of social housing in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Engineering & construction

Assess the feasibility and proper integration between the design of the structure , the electrical system of the house, its water system - plumbing and a photovoltaic solar system , to build a low-cost social housing .

Electrical energy balance

Evaluate and design suitable for achieving a reduction in energy consumption

Energy consumption

Measuring energy self-sufficiency - electric housing to achieve a balance between generation and power consumption.


Measure conditions inside the house in relation to temperature , humidity , noise , lighting and air quality . These indicators granted the feeling of comfort in the home.


Evaluate architectural strategies , engineering and construction , energy efficiency , urban design and affordability, which contribute to reducing environmental impact.

House functioning

Measuring the efficiency and functionality of a set of appliances to ensure the normal operation of housing .

Marketing, communications & social awareness

Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing strategies and implemented by the MIOUSE communications equipment to generate social awareness of the need for energy-efficient housing solutions , powered by solar energy.

Urban desing & affordability

Promote the implementation of a dense urban design , applied to the social context of Latin America and the Caribbean , in order to achieve an innovative social affordable housing .


Estimate incorporating creative solutions to improve the conventional state of the residential sector around the architecture , engineering and construction , energy efficiency , urban design and affordability.